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Options are good.

It’s Friday night and you’re deciding where to meet your friends for dinner and a drink. You fire up your favourite restaurant listing app and scroll through the fifty or so options. You spot a quirkily named pub called “The Tipsy Cow” and decide it’s worth a visit.

Except when options are not good.

You’d like to be smart about managing your cash-flow. You decide to get a credit card to conveniently pay for things and use the rewards. You log on to your bank’s site (because let’s face it, their app sucks), and look for credit cards. It shows you 12 different options with names of precious metals tagged with superlative adjectives.

But you have no way to tell whether the "ABC Preferred Zirconium" is a better fit for you than the "XYZ Unobtanium Ultimate"

So you go to a popular product comparison bazaar. You reluctantly give your contact details. You scroll through a long list. All kinds of features. None of them comparable.

Also no one told you that the cards at the top of the list were sponsored.

You are now more confused than before you started this search.

All this time, you have a nagging feeling you could be making better use of your Saturday morning.

So we built kaunsa. Translation: Which one?

kaunsa aims to be the most current and unbiased resource of the best financial products in India.

kaunsa is for people who want to simplify, save the time and stress of figuring out what financial product to sign up for, and then get on with their life.

Our recommendations are made after applying robust, objective methodologies that include quantitative and qualitative aspects of products. We first go wide in a category, gather information about almost all relevant products. We spend time on the fine print, the Terms and Conditions. We gather feedback from customers.

We then apply a scoring framework to arrive at the best products within each product category.

Our objective is not to identify the most complex feature-packed product, but the product that works best. For most people.

How are we different from other product comparison websites?

We simplify. We narrow the hundreds of options available for any financial product, to the top few, with a clear recommendation for which we think is the best.

We balance. We also tell you what’s not-so-great about even the best products, so you can consider their importance to you in making your decision.

We disclose. We are first and foremost reader-first. Our recommendations will always be objectively chosen, and the methodology that we use, clearly stated

Reader-first. Transparent.

We have no commercial arrangements for any products you see on this site. None of the products are paid for by their makers.

We might in the future enter into limited referral fee arrangements for products you click through to sign up for. Your cost will in no way be higher on account of clicking through kaunsa. Any such arrangement will be clearly disclosed. No fine print tucked away on an obscure page.

This also means that to earn and retain your trust, our recommendations will always be true to the methodology we apply.

Not just credit cards

Let us know what other product categories you need help with. With the number of products out there, it takes time and effort to review them all. And we like to make sure we do it right.

Write to us at kaunsa [at] capitalmind [dot] in