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HDFC Diners Club Black
  • Joining Fee
  • ₹10,000
  • Annual Fee
  • ₹5,000
  • Joining Bonus
  • 5,000 reward points
What we like
  • Generous mix of rewards across travel
  • Accelerated points with preferred partners include well-known ecommerce brands like myntra, swiggy, bookmyshow
  • Additional 1% cahsback on international spends
What we don't
  • Limited airline partners to redeem rewards, lack domestic option other than converting to JP Miles
  • High foreign currency conversion markup of 3.5%
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Unapologetically premium in its positioning. If you meet the minimum income criteria, suited for a range of lifestyle spends including travel, dining out, shopping online. The HDFC Diners Black is a worthy competitor to it's own HDFC Infinia. The only blemish is the high forex markup charge on international spend.

More about this card

This...is the latter

In the 2006 movie Casino Royale, there is this fantastic exchange between Agent Bond and Vesper Lynd. They are about to infiltrate a high-stakes poker game organised by Le Chiffre, a "fund manager" to international terrorists, and Bond's access to the game is sponsored by her Majesty's Treasury, who Vesper represents.

On entering his room, Bond finds an immaculate dinner jacket lying on his bed. He picks it up and confronts Vesper saying he already has a dinner jacket. She responds with the iconic line

"There are dinner jackets, and there are dinner jackets. This...is the latter."

A revamped rewards site exclusive to Diners Club members offers all redemption options under one site.

Opportunities to earn 10x rewards span dining spends and all major online portals.

Flight price comparison against major travel sites

A concierge to make things just a little more convenient, including airline, hotel, car reservations, booking golf games, getting flowers and gifts delivered.

Doesn't come easy though. Takes a minimum annual income of ₹ 21 Lakhs to qualify for the card. In return, you get to feel special for a relatively nominal joining and annual fee.