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Standard Chartered Landmark Rewards Platinum
  • Joining Fee
  • ₹ 250
  • Annual Fee
  • ₹ 250
  • Joining Bonus
  • Vouchers worth ₹ 2,800
What we like
  • Variety of retail spend to redeem rewards across the Landmark chain
  • Offers 5% cashback on grocery shopping at SPAR stores
  • Cheaper to join and hold at Rs 250 / year than comparable cards
What we don't
  • No points on non-retail and grocery spends
  • Limited to Landmark group stores, not useful if you're not furnishing your home or have plans to do a complete wardrobe refresh
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The Standard Chartered Landmark Rewards offers a wider array of stores and categories (home furnishings, clothes, books) than other co-branded retail spend cards but the spend-to-rewards ratio prevents it from being our top recommendation in this category.

More about this card

Meets most lifestyle shopping needs

Most co-branded cards that reward you for consuming from a specific store-chain don't work very well because there are only so many window curtains or sofas or linen shirts you can buy.

The Standard Chartered Landmark Rewards works because the Landmark group has brands across home furnishing, apparel and groceries. Within apparel they also have value chain and a premium chain. All this means you can get decent value from the preferred rewards of spending in Landmark stores.

Standard Chartered Landmark Rewards

A valid question still remains whether this offers more value than the online stores with their billion day sales. However, it's only ₹ 250 to get, so unlikely to be a cause too much heartburn.

Overall, Travel and General-Purpose cards offer better value than specific store-branded cards.