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Best Travel Credit Card

Citi PremierMiles
  • Joining Fee
  • ₹3,000
  • Annual Fee
  • ₹3,000
  • Joining Bonus
  • 10,000 Miles
What we like
  • Significantly lower joining and renewal fees compared to other cards in category
  • Excellent return on travel spend, specifically on hotels on yatra. Average on non-travel spends
  • Easy travel redemption on yatra
What we don't
  • Foreign currency conversion fee of 3.5% while at par with other Travel cards, adds up significantly on international spends
  • Accessing your account online and on the app can have you pull your hair out
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Not quite the one card to rule them all, but at 4.5% rewards on travel spends, 1.8% on other spends, the Citi PremierMiles card comes close. Points to rewards redemption is uncomplicated and refreshingly free of fine-print.

More about this card

Value for miles

You get 10 miles per ₹100 spent on premiermiles.co.in and 4 miles on other spend. To check if this really holds, we compared prices for flights.

We looked for a Delhi - Bombay return flight on the premiermiles site with and without miles.

"Book using Cash" search on premiermiles.co.in

The lowest cost options come to Rs 2,625 + Rs 2,393 = Rs 5,018

Picking the  “Pay with miles” toggle shows 5,828 + 5,312 = 11,140 miles

There are no additional charges levied on the miles options (we checked). This means, each mile gets you 5,018 / 11,140 = Rs 0.45

So the Rs 4.5 per Rs 100 spend stands, and is among the highest return ratios across all cards we analysed.

You have the flexibility of paying partially with miles as well, which can be useful when you're trying to manage cash.

Card+Miles payment option

To check if the prices shown on the premiermiles.co.in site are consistent  with other sites, we checked the same trip cost on goibibo (the site that powers premiermiles).

So far so good. The flights cost the same. However, the goibibo site offered promotions that enabled a Rs 225 saving on the premiermiles cost, applicable once for a user.

goibibo search

If you were booking the same flight on premiermiles using the card, the points back of 501.8 X 0.45 = ₹ 225.81, roughly the same as on the independent travel site.

Relevant and Usable Offers

There are offers, and there are offers. The first kind are the "70% off on room heaters" when it's 45C outside. The other kind are those you want to use.

PremierMiles offers are the latter. From the CITIFRIDAY promotion that allows 1 ticket free on bookmyshow on fridays, to the CITIFOODIE promotion on swiggy offering 50% cashback (up to ₹ 250) on weekends, the card offers relevant discounts.

Citi Dining Privileges offer gives 15% off on dining out at a respectable number of places. Problem is unless you looked in advance, chances are you end up eating at a partner restaurant and don't realise it.