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Also Good Travel Credit Card

Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum
  • Joining Fee
  • ₹ 499
  • Annual Fee
  • ₹ 499
  • Joining Bonus
  • Travel vouchers worth ₹ 4,000
What we like
  • Excellent spend-to-rewards ratio, especially for travel spends
  • Easy-to-use travel portal with access to all airlines, no fine print on availability
  • The miles don't expire
  • Active array of usable offers and promotions
What we don't
  • Non-travel Rewards redemption options are limited with low value for points
  • Capped cashback on air tickets per booking on yatra
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With a joining and renewal fee of ₹ 499 / year, the Standard Chartered yatra Platinum card offers value-for-money redeemable through the yatra platform. Complemented with a decent mix of offers on other categories.

More about this card

Low Cost

With one of the lowest joining and renewal fees in our top cards shortlist, and a low threshold of ₹ 30,000 / year for it to be waived, the Standard Chartered yatra Platinum is almost a free credit card. We like free.

Clear cashback on travel spends

10% cashback on travel bookings on yatra. And higher points on hotel spend.

We checked a regular flight booking on yatra to see effective cost with and without a yatra Platinum card.

BOM-DEL Return Options
All-inclusive price on yatra

Using the yatra Platinum gets you ₹250 cashback (the cap for domestic flight bookings), effectively reducing the price to ₹ 5,176


yatra cost without SC yatra Platinum

Applying a "FREEFLY" code that yatra sent me the price effectively comes down to ₹5,106 (above screenshot doesn't show ₹460 convenience fee that gets added at billing). ₹ 70 lower than the credit card price.

Why not apply the promo and get the cashback you say?

Unfortunately because of this condition:

"Cashback will not be eligible when combined with a promotional / discount code at the time of booking on yatra.com"

This limitation prevents this card from being higher on our list.